Custom Sawmill Services

Have logs? We can transport to our mill and work with you to saw your logs into lumber.  

We cut to your specs: post and beam, specialty timbers, framing lumber, flooring, trailer decking, fencing.

  • $650.00 per 1000 for hardwood.
  • $450.00 per 1000 for softwood.

Kiln-Drying Services

Kiln-drying lumber involves maintaining strict control of temperature, relative humidity and airflow within the kiln. We carefully monitor these factors and are able to uniformly dry lumber down to the level you need.

500 board foot minimum. Smaller orders may be accommodated for an additional fee. Bulk discounts are available. Contact us for kiln schedule. Cost of service is $40.00 per day.

Lumber Surfacing Services

Most lumber we sell is in the rough. We will surface two sides (S2S) or all four sides (S4S).

100 board foot minimum order. $75 setup fee for orders under 100 board foot.

Surfacing Sides Price
2 side surfacing (S2S) $0.25 per board foot
4 side surfacing (S4S) $0.55 per board foot

Lumber Milling Services

We offer milling services for Tonque & Groove Flooring, Base Molding, Case Moulding, Crown Moulding, and many others. Custom knives can be ordered if not available. Additional fees may apply.

A $65 setup fee applies for each configuration (fee waived for orders over 1000 linear feet).
Broken blade fees may apply for yard trees that contain hidden metal (nails, bolts, screws, etc.).

Lumber Linear Feet Price
100-499 lin ft $0.40 per linear foot
500-999 lin ft $0.35 per linear foot
more than 1,000 lin ft $0.35 per linear foot